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Keepa group buy account - Reviews, what is keepa chrome extension, pricing, discount with coupon code

Keepa group buy account - Reviews, what is keepa chrome extension, pricing, discount with coupon code

Keepa group buy account - Reviews, what is keepa chrome extension, pricing, discount with coupon code

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Do you want to save on your next Amazon purchase? Do you want to stay on top of your competitor’s pricing strategies? Then you need to get yourself acquainted with Keepa . Once you get started, you will realize how much you can save or how many valuable insights you can gain from the pricing strategies of your competitors. Keep on reading this Keepa review to find out what it can do for you.

What is Keepa Chrome Extension?

Wether you are a buyer searching for the best deals on products or an agency which wants to retrieve it’s client or competition product information, Keepa has a solution for you.

Let’s focus on the agency/consultant solutions. Keepa’s API will allow you to download lots of product information using Keepa’s 500 million product database such as:

  • price history data
  • New and Used
  • Warehouse Deals, FBA, FBM, Collectibles and Refurbished
  • Sales Rank, Offers count, Rating and Review count history.
  • Category details, searches and browsing
  • Best seller lists up to 500k ASINs
  • Etc

As you can see, Keepa is your perfect ally when scouting new markets for you clients and finding new business opportunities.

But it’ll take some time, as there are loads of data options available and it will take some time to play along with them all and sort them into your business plans.


What information does Keepa Extension provide?

Keepa provides data on an Amazon item’s sales rank, price history, new offer price, used offer price, Amazon offer price, and total number of offers, as well as information on top-selling products and top-ranked sellers.

The list goes on and on, and your ability to navigate this software can dramatically increase your chances of finding good quality products that will sell quickly and for your expected ROI’s.

Even though we are going to walk through many of the uses for this software in this guide, keep in mind that this is not a complete list. I recommend taking the better part of a day and really deep diving into this software both on product detail pages with the extension and with the lists on the Keepa website so that you know how to navigate the data efficiently and can call upon it when you need to evaluate products in the future.

keepa chrome extension

The Key Features of Keepa Extension

There are a number of features that make Keepa one of the most recommended Amazon price trackers out there. Here are the most important ones:

Price Drop Alerts

When you are tracking a product, you set what is known as the threshold price. This is the price you want the product to hit or fall under in order to get a notification. This feature is what makes sure that you never miss a price drop ever again.

Price History Charts

Keepa has price history charts for over 900 million Amazon products. Sometimes, it is prudent to check the price history chart of a product to ascertain its pricing trends. This, in turn, will allow you to determine the next price drop or if a product is even worth tracking at all (sometimes the trend can reveal that the product's price will keep increasing).

Browser Extensions

The Keepa extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge browsers. Each extension allows you to start tracking products without leaving Amazon. You can even set the threshold price right there without even needing to go to the main Keepa website.

Chat Bot

Keepa has a chat bot for Facebook Messenger that you can use. With the chat bot, it is extremely easy to start tracking products using Messenger. You can do everything you can do on the main website here, from viewing the product page to viewing the Price History Charts to setting up Price Drop Alerts.

Keepa API

If you want access to more of Keepa's features, then the Keepa API is for you. These features include Price History Charts, price increase alerts, product finder, best seller lists and access to all marketplaces.

keepa extension

The benefits of using Keepa

  • You get notified once the price of the product reaches a desired threshold.
  • They provide access to premium data.
  • Helps find products in accordance with your given criteria.
  • Shows products prices and details, all at one glance.

how to use keepa

How much does keepa cost? Keepa Pricing with Coupon code

To unlock advanced features of Keepa, there are two different payment plan options:

  • €15 per month (which will convert to under £14)
  • €149/year (converting to under £129)

Try Keepa with cheap price on Group Buy SEO Tool

That’s very little considering how essential the tool is. However, that’s a big difference to £0. I can tell it will make new sellers think twice about whether they want to jump into this business, as it’s just another expense – another barrier to entry.

To sellers making significant profit each month, it’s unlikely to phase them at all. It’s a minor expense. They’re likely to be paying for other software too, so this is just another to add onto that list. It’s probably going to be the cheapest one that they use for their Amazon business after all.

keepa coupon code

Final Thoughts

Using Keepa is one of the best things you can do if you don’t want to miss the next best deal on Amazon. Even sellers who want to keep tabs on their competitor’s pricing strategies can benefit from using Keepa. As soon as the price drops, you will be notified so you can take the necessary action. Keepa comes highly recommended. 

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