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Grammarly is a famous website, giving you a great experience in checking English spelling and grammar very professionally. In addition, it also helps you correct mistakes when learning English. Such a great website but not everyone knows how to use it. Especially for those who are new to Grammarly for the first time. Today, Thuong's Blog will show how to use Grammarly.

Instructions on how to use Grammarly from A - Z

Currently, Grammarly has support for users on many different platforms. It includes browsers, Word and Outlook, Windows and Mac and operating systems for phones. When you use Grammarly in your browser, writing emails in English, or posting English articles will be checked for spelling and grammar.

Based on the needs of our customers, I will guide you to use all 3 ways on the browser, computer and app grammarly on mobile.

01. How to use Grammarly on Chrome

How to use Grammarly on Chrome by Installing the extension on chrome. You go to the link below:

Then select < Add to Chrome> and select <Add extension>

Step 1: After the installation is complete, click on the utility icon and then press < Sign Up> to register for a Grammarly account. In case you have already bought your Grammarly account, press < Log in> to log in.

Step 2: After the login is complete, your screen will display as below. Now you will see <New> for us to create an English text on Grammarly or <Upload> to load a text on Grammarly then the tool will check spelling. Also in this interface, when you click on <I write in> , we can choose the British English, British American writing style ...

Step 3: After selecting New, we can enter text to check as below. As you enter text, words that are misspelled, or grammatically incorrect will be underlined. At that time, a list of wrong words will appear. You click on each wrong and there will be hints of the correct word

how to use Grammarly

Step 4: In the left corner of the screen you have commands you can use such as download, upload or print. Depending on your purpose of use.

how to use Grammarly

02. How to install Grammarly on a computer

To install Grammarly on your computer, you need to visit the link below to install Grammarly:

  • Https://

Step 1: At the main interface we press the < Get it for Windows It's free > button to download Grammarly. Then double click the left mouse button to proceed with the installation.

how to use Grammarly

Step 2: Continue to click the <Get started> button and select <Install>. Finally, select <Finish> and act as instructed in Step 2 of How to use Grammarly on Chrome

03. How to use Grammarly on the phone

How to use Grammarly on iOS or Android phones are required to install the app. You go to the App store or Play Store to find the keyword: <Grammarly Keyboard>, then install the software on your phone.

how to use Grammarly

Step 1: Continue to select <Get Started> and select <Log in to existing account>

how to use Grammarly

Step 2: Enter the email and password you registered earlier to use.

how to use Grammarly

Although it is a phone, the steps are still as instructed in Step 2 of How to use Grammarly on Chrome

Note when using Grammarly together

The above are my instructions on how to use Grammarly for beginners. For customers who have purchased a groupbuy Grammarly Premium account by their party, it is important to note the following contents:

  • Do not share your Grammarly account to others, admin will regularly check email.
  • Do not change any information of your Grammarly account.
  • Do not create Document directly on Grammarly. Use Google docs, words or another note-taking app to create documents and then use Grammarly to edit.
  • Customers please comply with the above request, if detected, the warranty will be discontinued.

The account provided by me undertakes to be warranted according to the purchase time. If there is a problem, you will be changed to a new account to ensure guests use enough time


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