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Ispionage Group Buy Account

Ispionage Group Buy Account

iSpionage is a competitive intelligence tool that provides valuable SEO data to users with regards to business competitors. The tool spies on companies’ business rivals and discovers what search keywords, advertisement content, and landing pages allow them to attract customers. Buy Ispionage at low cost for $10 monthly from

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iSpionage is a competitive intelligence tool that provides valuable SEO data to users with regards to business competitors. The tool spies on companies’ business rivals and discovers what search keywords, advertisement content, and landing pages allow them to attract customers. This strategy allows business entities to keep themselves afoot or even ahead of their competition.

With iSpionage, websites leverage the power of PPC research in order to gain valuable insights. Doing so enables them to enact marketing strategies to counter their rivals such as writing optimized ad copies for them to drive down their cost per click and also improve turnover rates.

Users of iSpionage also appreciate that it affords them more time for other ventures—the tool simply shows users what they need to know without undergoing complex processes.

Indispensable Intelligence

iSpionage provides companies access to PPC and SEO keyword data from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This includes 92 million keywords, more than 100 million ad copy slants, and 45 million domains. With this humongous database, the competitive intelligence tool offers subscribers extremely valuable information they can use to leverage their own companies.

Actionable Insights

With iSpionage, websites are able to design new digital marketing maneuvers by studying the competition. By showing how other advertisers group their keywords and landing pages for example, the tool enables businesses to create or recreate their groupings to gain as much traffic or more as their rival.

Significant Keywords

iSpionage has a complete list of AdWords keywords used by a competitor. With its keyword effectiveness filtering tool, it enables companies to find the most relevant and most effectual search words there are. Doing so lets them add another SEO keyword to their repertoire to expand their campaign’s search dimensions.

Customer Attraction

In order to gain more customers, businesses have to attract them to their websites. iSpionage lends a hand by ascertaining which ad campaigns by competitors that turned out to be profitable for them. Companies can study these and employ similar marketing strategies in order to improve their click-through rates.

Level Budgeting

Online marketing and SEO optimization can take up a big chunk out of a company’s budget. With iSpionage, they can minimize their spending in this area, as the tool discerns how much the competition spends every month on AdWords.  

Informative Overview

iSpionage saves marketers time sifting through a mass of information by presenting data most important to them in an easy-to-understand dashboard. The interface showcases a summary of acquired information and gives the details in separate tabs dedicated to a single type of data.

PPC Keywords

Although iSpionage is great at revealing info about the organic keywords your competitors are using, it also shares their PPC keywords.

That can be valuable insight if you find that your competitors are reeling in visitors with keywords that you hadn’t thought to use.

The PPC Keywords report lists the top search terms that your competitors are using in their ads. They’re listed in a table, in descending order of Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI).

The KEI is calculated based on two factors: the length of time that the competitor has used the keyword and the date that the keyword was last seen.

Why does the length of time that a competitor has used a keyword matter? Because if the competitor has run an ad with the same keyword for a very long time, there’s a very good chance that the keyword is bringing in targeted traffic.

So you might want to use that keyword yourself if you’re not already doing so.

In addition to the KEI, iSpionage also shows you the following data about each of your competitor’s PPC keywords:

  • Number of ads
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Average search volume
  • Average position
  • First seen date
  • Last seen date

The PPC Keyword report is also tabbed. The default tab shows you keywords seen on Google. The other tab shows you keywords seen on Bing and Yahoo.

iSpionage Review: find competitor keywords

iSpionage Review: find competitor keywords

iSpionage Review: Ads

How would you like to see the ads that your competitors are running? After all, you might get some ideas for good copy that you can include in your own marketing efforts.

Fortunately, iSpionage has you covered.

In the Ads report, the tool will show you the headline, URL, and description for your competitor’s top ads. They’re displayed in a table in descending order of Ad Effectiveness Index (AEI).

The AEI is the same thing as the KEI except for ad copy. In other words, ad copy that’s been running a long time will have a higher score than ad copy that’s been running a short time.

The table also shows you the keywords that triggered the ad. But because there could be several keywords, you’ll have to click an element to open a popup window and view them. Once again, the keywords are displayed in a table.

Additionally, the Ads report table shows the following info:

  • Monthly traffic
  • Average rank
  • Days seen
  • First seen date
  • Last seen date

As with the PPC Keywords report, the Ads report is tabbed. The default tab shows you Ads seen on Google search. The other tab shows you Ads seen on Bing and Yahoo.

iSpionage Review: Organic Keywords

The Organic Keywords report shows you which keywords are bringing traffic to your website from the SERPs.

Again, the data is displayed in a table. It’s ranked in descending order of the number of keywords that the page ranks for in the Google top 10 search results.

For example, if you have a page that ranks for 178 keywords in the top 10, then that page will appear above any pages that rank for fewer keywords in the top 10.

Unlike some other tools, iSpionage shows you an image of the ranking page. It also displays the page title, URL, and description.

Additionally, the table also shows the average position of keywords that rank for the page, the position trend as a line graph, the overall estimated traffic, and the traffic value in dollars.

Even better, though, the tool displays a table within a table that shows you the top five keywords bringing people to that page. If you’d like to view more than five keywords, just click the big orange VIEW MORE button at the bottom of the table.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to see the top keywords for a page, you can just click OFF next to “Keyword Grouping” at the top of the table.

As is usually the case, the table is tabbed. One tab shows Google results, the other shows Bing/Yahoo results.


The iSpionage tool also identifies your top competitors.

In fact, it shows your top competitors in two ways: based on PPC keywords and based on organic keywords.

The default report shows you PPC competitors. It’s in a table that lists each competitor as well as that competitor’s monthly budget, unique keywords, overlapping keywords, total keywords, number of ad copies, and average position.

If you want to view the SEO report, click the SEO tab at the top of the table. A new table will appear showing the domain name of each competitor as well as that competitor’s SEO traffic value, overlapping keywords, and keyword count.

Once again, there are two tabs at the very top of the table that allow you to switch between Google results and Bing/Yahoo results.

iSpionage Review: identify competitor's and their ad budgets

iSpionage Review: identify competitor’s and their ad budgets

iSpionage Review: Compare Competitors

Maybe you’d like to compare some of your competitors with each other or compare your own website with a couple of your competitors’ sites. Fortunately, iSpionage enables you to do that.

In the Compare report, enter as many as three URLs. Use the domain names of your competitors. Include your own domain name if you’re inclined to do so. Once you’re done, click the SEARCH button.

At the top of the report you’ll see a line graph that highlights the average PPC budget of each site for the past year. For convenience, the lines that represent different sites are color-coded.

That’s the default chart. There are three other charts you can view in that same section:

  • Average potential clicks
  • Average position
  • Number of Google Keywords

To view a different chart, just click on the chart name below the SELECT CHART heading.

The next section of the Compare report includes a pie chart that shows the overlapping keywords between all the websites.

Below that pie chart you’ll see a table listing the overlapping keywords. If you want to see keywords that your competitors are using but you aren’t, just click the appropriate line to the right of the pie chart. The data in the table will update.

That’s a great way to find keywords that your competitor is using but you haven’t yet identified.

Below that table, you’ll see tables the identify the top ads for each site. They look just like the table in the Ads report, so there’s no need to go over them again.

Finally, at the bottom of the Compare report you’ll see the top landing pages for each site. Use that section to get some inspiration for your own landing pages.

iSpionage Review: Campaign Watch

Marketing automation is an important part of a successful business strategy. That’s why the iSpionage Campaign Watch feature is so valuable.

Here’s how it works: you set up a Campaign Watch for a competitor. Then, iSpionage will monitor that competitor for changes in digital strategy. Every week, the tool will send a report to your inbox that highlights its findings.

In other words, you get to focus on the mission of your business while iSpionage spies on your competitors and lets you know what it finds. It’s like having a virtual assistant.

iSpionage Review: get insights into competitor's PPC strategy

iSpionage Review: get insights into competitor’s PPC strategy

Here’s the kind of data you’ll see in your weekly report:

  • SEM Performance – Compare your SEM performance against what your competitor is doing. Check out your market share, keyword rankings, and other important analytics.
  • Full Funnel Campaign Details – Learn about your competitor’s keyword strategies, landing pages, and PPC ads. Feel free to imitate what’s working.
  • A/B Test Results – Monitor your competitor’s split-testing results and see which ads are the ones that bring in the targeted traffic.
  • Landing Pages – Use your competitor’s landing page as a template for your own marketing efforts. Monitor a competitor’s landing page for changes.
  • SERP Snapshots – See how your PPC ads appeared on Google for each day of the month.

There are several benefits to letting iSpionage Campaign Watch monitor your competitors:

  • You’ll never miss an update – You won’t have to worry if you skipped a few days of spying on one or more competitors. The automated agent won’t miss any days.
  • You’ll see the whole sales funnel – iSpionage will track the entire sales process from acquisition to eventual conversion. You’ll learn about your competitor’s strongest strategies so you can incorporate them into your own campaigns.
  • You’ll get free split-testing – How would you like to let your competitors pay for your split-testing? iSpionage shares competitor A/B test results.
  • You’ll learn how to convert visitors – iSpionage offers actionable insights to help you optimize ad copy, call to action buttons, and landing page text.

Now, let see how customer like Ispionage from

. iSpionage is a product that brings a lot of value to my team's PPC research and competitive positioning activities. Compared to other products on the market, the product offers excellent features per annual user license fee and is capable of providing most of the features we use on a regular basis.

PPC Keyword Research: Excellent. Allows us to identify industry specific keywords, both mainstream and long-tail, and customize performance campaigns around that.

Budget planning: allows us to identify target budgets based on the client's need and determine effectiveness based on available spend. This is particularly effective when planning ad campaigns in customized geographies and commerce zones.

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