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MerchantWords group buy account - Reviews, what is MerchantWords, main features, pricing, discount and coupon code

MerchantWords group buy account - Reviews, what is MerchantWords, main features, pricing, discount and coupon code

MerchantWords group buy account - Reviews, what is MerchantWords, main features, pricing, discount and coupon code

MerchantWords Reviews

Let’s unpack MerchantWords and compare it to JungleScout in this review. Plus, I’ll share a free alternative keyword tool (with coupon) for beginners.

When you’re planning your Amazon keywords, you need insights based on actual shopping trends, not what you believe is correct. This is where a keyword data tool comes into play.

I use keyword data tools dozens of times per week, as I want to save more time and make more sales. I run two FBA accounts that need constant organic search optimization, especially as PPC costs are increasing monthly.

There is a few keyword tools in the market, but today I’ll be reviewing MerchantWords so you can get some insights. At this time of writing, I have been selling on Amazon for 2.5 years.

What is MerchantWords?

MerchantWords is the most extensive database of shopper keyword search data available anywhere. We collect searches from the world's largest product search engine: Amazon. This allows us to see what’s in the minds of shoppers – your customers – and inform you how to build a powerful and agile strategy to scale your business. Since 2012, our data has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs discover new opportunities, achieve successful product launches, and run profitable advertising campaigns on Amazon and beyond. Our products include our suite of Amazon data tools; full-service keyword research, and listing optimization services; and custom data analytics solutions for enterprise clients.


How Do You Use it?

Using MerchantWords is as easy as one, two, and three. The first step is to type in your search term in the search dialog box. For this example we’re going to use the keyword “yoga mat”:

The site will show you estimates on the number of searches people made for the term “yoga mat” as well as possible variations to the term and their corresponding search estimates as well.

The first thing you’ll notice with MerchantWords is the number of keyword variations it produces which can in turn help you come up with new product ideas you never thought of.

Some of the suggestions really are out of left field; items that you would never have imagined were popular.

The program also shows you the dominant categories where these search terms can be found which, not surprisingly in this example, is Sports and Fitness.

From this point forward, you can then analyze which of these keywords have high volume searches and low competition which is the sweet spot everyone’s looking for.

You do have to keep in mind that using search volume on its own as a measure of how valuable a niche could be is somewhat dated, and you should definitely consider other factors before you commit.

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Merchant Words Main Features

Although MerchantWords offers multiple services to help optimize Amazon listings, their main tool is their Classic Keyword Research Tool. MerchantWords is powered by customer searches only on Amazon, not Google, Bing, or eBay. Their Classic Keyword Tool offers sellers access to both short and long tail keywords, search volume, seasonality, and even rankings.

The best part about MerchantWords keyword research tool is that they provide you with real-time shopper data directly from organic Amazon searches, not pay-per-click advertising data or Google Trends data.

Sellers can view top-rankings keywords and performance metrics for the best-selling Amazon products with just a simple ASIN search on MerchantWords. All MerchantWords data is updated at least once per month.

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Keyword Tools

Merchant Words takes pride on our accurate and extensive data on Amazon customer searches all over the world that is made available for our clients to use. With Merchant Words, you can find all the possible and unique search keywords that you can use to give your product listing the search traffic—and profit it needs.

Listing Advisor

Our Listing Advisor is a personalized US-based Amazon listing creation service. We will do everything for you—from market research to title, description, bullet points, and backend keywords that will surely optimize your listing that will attract customers to choose your product among others.

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Ad Management

PPCx is a powerful solution for your Amazon sponsored advertising needs. This service provides our clients with the most profitable keywords for PPC ads for each listing. Backed up with our over 1 billion real shopper search terms database, your Amazon business goals can surely be achieved. Our team of U.S.-based Amazon experts can tailor an effective campaign according to your business goals that will ensure that your advertising is successful and worth every penny.

Ease of Use

The MerchantWords application can only be access through its website. When you search for a certain keyword, MerchantWords will show you a list of your searched keyword along with any other relevant or related keywords. This can give you the perfect opportunity to find that valuable long-tail keyword your brand needs.

The list of keywords that populates includes their search volume, depth, seasonality, and the category most listings with that keyword belong in.

MerchantWords Pricing and Discount with Coupon code

MerchantWords free approach to pricing only works when tied up to the initial fees they ask from you for a monthly or annual subscription. When you choose the annual tariff that they offer, you’re about to enjoy that 2-months-free advantage that they offer to attract the audience. 

Monthly prices start from $29/mo for Silver, $79/mo for Gold, and $149/mo for Platinum. Merchant Words discount is only available for an annual subscription, so keep that in mind. 

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Final Thoughts

MerchantWords looks to be another essential tool for any Amazon Seller. The fact that you can see what your competitors are using to drive sales is nothing short of incredible. It's almost like you have their playbook or you've copied their notes.

The results that MerchantWords displays has shown to be accurate and up-to-date. This ensures that you're using the hottest keywords that your customers are searching for on a daily basis. What better way to increase traffic and drive sales than to get a glimpse inside the minds of Amazon's shoppers?

All of these features are absolutely fantastic and work together to deliver an invaluable tool. But what makes this all worthwhile is the fact that it is so easy to use. Anyone can pick it up and immediately feel right at home. If you have had any experience with Amazon at all, chances are you're going to have no trouble with MerchantWords.

The product is clean and easy to understand, it is kept current, and it is loaded with useful features. If MerchantWords has a downside, it would have to be its pricing. For the best yearly membership, it is woefully expensive. However, the positive results that it can bring to your brand are priceless. It's not really an expense as much as it is an investment.

In the grand scheme of things, this may be pocket change compared to the increase you'll see in your revenue. If you're just getting started on Amazon, you may want to try the Silver Plan to start out.

Since it's only $29 a month, see how it does for a month or two. If you notice that its features are beneficial to your brand, consider going annually. This lets you try out a handful of features and not all of them at once.

Pricing aside, MerchantWords looks to be a wonderful investment. It has proven results to back up its claims, and if you end up not agreeing with them you can cancel anytime.

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