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NordVPN Group Buy Account - VPN account

NordVPN Group Buy Account - VPN account

Protect your privacy online and access media content with no regional restrictions. Strong encryption and no-log policy with 5000+ servers in 60+ countries. Buy NordVPN at cheap price from, just $10 for 1 year access

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This item is for NordVPN account. With $10, you will have 1 year access to NordVPN 

If you need another VPN service such as ExpressVPN, HMA VPN, please let us know in the order comment.

When it comes to virtual private networks, or VPNs, NordVPN has proved itself to be our top service for securing your online activities. The company now has more than 5,100 servers across the globe, making it the largest service we've yet tested. It also takes a strong stance on privacy for its customers and includes tools rarely seen in the competition. NordVPN wraps all that up in a snazzy client that's consistent across every platform on which it's offered, and it includes ad blocking for good measure. For its superlative user experience, numerous features, and robust service, it's a rare 5-star our service Choice winner.

NordVPN lets you select one from a list of 62 countries, encompassing some 5,130 servers, as of the last count. That puts it significantly above every other VPN service I've yet tested, including Private Internet Access, which offers 3,522 servers across 33 countries. The bulk of NordVPN's servers are in the US and the UK, which is not unusual for VPN companies. However, NordVPN has a good mix of servers the world over, covering several locations across Asia, Central and South America, Central and Eastern Europe, and a handful in India and the Middle East. The company currently offers two locations in Africa—Egypt and South Africa—and I would like to see more added in the future. NordVPN offers servers in Hong Kong, Russia, and Turkey, all of which have repressive internet policies.

VPN services can spin up new servers on an as-needed basis, but I still regard these numbers as important. The more diverse the location of servers, the more options you have for spoofing your location. It's also more likely that you can find a nearby server when traveling, which generally translates to better VPN performance. The number of servers is also important; the more servers there are, the fewer people there are connecting to the same server. As a result, each user gets a larger slice of the bandwidth pie.




NordVPN previously announced that its servers are accessible from within China. This means that anyone within the country could circumvent government censorship by connecting to a VPN server outside of China. That's particularly notable, because China's so-called Great Firewall greatly restricts the sites that can be accessed from within the country's borders. Access is only available to Windows users, although other platforms will be added, the company says.

A NordVPN representative told me that all of its servers are dedicated, and none are virtual servers. That means that the servers are physically located where they claim to be, an important distinction because a virtual server can be configured to appear as if it were operating from a country other than where it is located. VPN companies have various ways of handling this. Golden Frog VyprVPN, for example, only stores customer data in Zurich, Switzerland, regardless of the VPN server location. AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Elite, on the other hand, is 20 percent virtual servers. Virtual servers aren't necessarily a bad thing, but it's useful for understanding where your data is actually going.




NordVPN's best feature, however, is the variety of specialized servers it offers. These include servers for BitTorrent traffic over VPN. Other VPN services have selection tools to help you solve specific problems, but NordVPN goes further with unique offerings such as double encryption, connection to the Tor anonymization network, and anti-DDoS servers.

Your Privacy With NordVPN

When you use a VPN, it has as much insight into your online activities as your ISP does. If it so desired, it could examine every bit of information passing through its system. It also can potentially identify you to another party—law enforcement, for example—making it possible to track you online. That's why it's important that before you buy a VPN subscription, you understand and are comfortable with the steps the company has made to safeguard your privacy.

A representative from NordVPN assured me that the company does not insert ads into your web traffic, nor does it profit from the sale of user data. As for data it gathers, the company representative told me that NordVPN only collects aggregated app-crash statistics and voluntary diagnostic data. The representative also affirmed that NordVPN does not collect any personally identifiable information. All of this information is available in the company's privacy policy.

In November, 2018, NordVPN announced that it had passed a third-party audit of its no-log policy by one of the "big four audit firms." It joins several VPN companies, including TunnelBear VPN, that are undertaking similar audits. Each of these audits is different, but the effort shows that the companies are serious about consumer privacy and security. Hopefully, more companies will follow suit.

NordVPN is based in and operates under the legal jurisdiction of Panama, where there are no laws requiring the company to retain data for a mandatory period. The company says it doesn't collect log data, so it has no information it can actually hand over in response to a subpoena.

It is difficult, however, to fully endorse the privacy practices of any given VPN company. To do so would require deep access to the company's code and hardware, as well as the technical expertise to interpret it all. That said, based on my discussions with NordVPN and reading the company's privacy policy, it appears to be saying all the right things. As always, however, you as the consumer should ask yourself whether or not you are comfortable with trusting any given company with your personal information.

Now, let see how customer like NordVPN service from

1. NordVPN is one of my favourite VPN service providers. Compared to competitive solutions, NordVPN has many servers on different continents, so the service allows you to choose the best location according to customer preferences. NordVPN is available on various platforms besides hardware running on Windows/Mac OS/Linux and NordVPN we will run on mobile devices which is very useful during travel when we are forced in some cases to work with a wi-fi hotspot, which is not always well protected. NordVPN allows us to use several devices at the same time so that we can use the VPN network at the same time from a computer, as well as the same phone.

2. What do you like best?

+ Possibility of connecting six devices at the same time (including the Possibility of connecting with mobile devices. )

Available in many languages.

+ P2P protocol and support for other peripheral devices

+ Good compatibility thanks to the use of the OpenVPN plinth.

+ The service works on all major operating systems, including mobile ones.

+ Excellent customer service in this live chat.

+ Easy to use select a server from any location.

+ Policy of not storing data (NordVPN takes excellent care of its users'; data so that it does not fall into the wrong hands).

+ Provides excellent privacy protection when surfing.

3. Nordvpn offers its customers fast partnerships with unlimited transfer speed and has a huge number of machines arranged in different locations all over the world. What's more, the connection is abundant and highly encrypted so that you are protected against malware. The organization guarantees a severe approach without registration, suggesting that they do not maintain the traffic and search history of your DNS. NordVPN uses numerous types of gears and working structures, as well as the ability to work simultaneously on numerous machines.

The VPN is a powerful arrangement, that engages customers to associate fastly with a safe server with boundless transmission capacity so that moving colossal records securely is obscure. The item fused a P2P elective, which is perfect for any item, that moves gigantic records between devices. Furthermore, the association guarantees industry-standard encryption with sensible shows, that are customisable. In addition, a demanding no-log system despite the ensured region of the gear ensures an authentic level of security. NordVPN strengthens various gadgets so you can keep it around all over the place.

4. NordVPN is the best on the industry in safe streaming of confidential information. It offers customers with endless bandwidth and high-speed connectivity as well as has a huge amount of machines situated in various places around the globe. In addition, the link is stable and well encoded to protect you from malware. NordVPN guarantees rigorous no-log-policy, meaning they don't maintain traffic and search history in your DNS. NordVPN supports many device kinds and operating system as well as being able to operate concurrently on many systems.

5. Variety of distinct places - the function makes NordVPN an outstanding product. In several regions around the globe, the firm has a large number of computers to provide customers with high-speed links with endless bandwidth, as computers are not overwhelmed and crowded. In addition, the application is supplied with government-grade encryption secure protocols, ensuring high safety standards. The business has a no-log strategy not to collect and maintain the browsing record of a user and DNS records. Double VPN is an outstanding function that ensures great security, but sadly, it has a negative impact on connection performance.

6. Useage across many devices simultaneously  is one of NordVPN's most important benefits as it supports many diverse systems and allows consumers to use it concurrently on up to 6 machines that meet perfectly my requirements. Information such as configurations and profiles synchronize rapidly across many machines. The software also offers customers with strong encryption techniques with several protocols to choose from. Customizing the protocols is outstanding as each of them is superior for the given procedure. NordVPN is equipped with servers in several locations around the globe, so the connection is quick and stable wherever you are.

7. I like that it is a light program, in fact installing it is very easy and maintaining it is not very complicated. What I like most about NordVPN is its mobile application, and I think it's great, because first of all it's very light, it also helps me simplify processes and space, which is great because it helps me to make the device work much better, in my opinion NordVPN is the best application in its category, because I must say that it doesn't influence the functionality of the computer, as it happens with other similar applications. I like the security that NordVPN gives me, because I can make connection with double VPN and also the connection is encrypted, so I know that the things I have shared can not be shared again.

8. The service doesn't noticeable impacts on the quality of connectivity due to servers in various and numerous locations around the globe. NordVPN guarantees advanced encryption methods including Split Tunneling, that enables to encode the record twice to ensure highest security experience. Caring for users privacy is a prior to the company, as it incorporates no-logging policy, so your browsing information isn't gathered and saved. Besides, it's armed with sophisticated DNS leakage prevention system, that protects you against exposition of your true IP address in addition to KillSwitch feature.

9. The service is personally software with the industry's finest norms of security. User information is encrypted with 256 bit keys utilizing AES. The organization has a rigorous no-logging policies and just track your mail address and billing information, but NordVPN supplies cryptocurrencies as a payment technique. NordVPN is equipped with built-in Killswitch, so your link will be destroyed instantly if something interrupts connectivity or disrupt the machine. Users are generally susceptible to DNS leakages setting up your link individually (not via OpenVPN), but you are protected by applied DNS Leakage Prevention.

10. The service offers excellent access for credible connections to distinct servers. All servers are deemed credible and safe to perform business operations such as mailing secure information or banking. I am able to readily establish a connection to any selected machine and add frequently used servers to fast-choose list. NordVPN has a effective system and provides services that always works closely with clients. This also enables users to operate with impunity on all systems supports many devices.

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