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Sell The Trend group buy account - Reviews, NEXUS research, dropship product, shopify store, facebook ad, video ads creator, amazon trend, pricing and discount with coupon code

Sell The Trend group buy account - Reviews, NEXUS research, dropship product, shopify store, facebook ad, video ads creator, amazon trend, pricing and discount with coupon code

Sell The Trend group buy account - Reviews, NEXUS research, dropship product, shopify store, facebook ad, video ads creator, amazon trend, pricing and discount with coupon code

Sell The Trend Review

Sell The trend is the latest product research tool that the user can find winning products data quick and efficient way.

Make money online is something that changed many people’s lives around the world in different dimensions and thousands of people are looking to set up online businesses and 99% of them are failing within their first attempt. The reason is, the reality of online business is different than what we see on youtube and on blogs.

That was my experience when I started my dropshipping business and it was completely at fail for months. I did everything manually including product research in AliExpress. Many days I lost my self within millions of product pages without knowing how to grab the correct data and how to analyze them properly.

sell the trend

What is ‘Sell The Trend’?

This is a tool for finding trending products in the market. But not only that there are many features that you can find in this tool, but it is also extremely user-friendly. I would say that ‘sell the trend ‘ team has observed all of the tools in the market and designed this tool including all the special features what other tools has.

The interface has different sections: The Nexus, Tools, Help, and Facebook, Shopify, AliExpress, and Amazon as the four data sources for products. Each platform also provides sub-categories like hot, trending, and new products; the same goes for stores. You can add products and stores to your favourites, so you can keep them ready for reviewing when you have the time or if you want to keep track of their operations.

Including Amazon is another good feature. Not many product research platforms offer products from this website, so it’s another advantage you’ll have over your competition. Facebook inclusion is also an interesting addition, letting you monitor the social media presence of your models.

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Sell The Trend Main Features Overview

Sell The Trend NEXUS Research Machine

This Research Machine uses our proprietary Dropshipping A.I. Algorithm that allows you to see what is REALLY trending across popular E-commerce stores around the world taking all the guess work out of picking Winning Products. Wanna know what trending products to sell online? This game changing technology will show you the best things to sell online in a flash!

Sell The Trend Dropship Product Explorer

Sell the Trend has vast products and ads database that sometimes I am also unable to explore. The only help is by filters I can narrow down to find what I am needed. Discovery machine is fun and just by spinning you can get random products or ads on your screen.

I kept spinning for five minutes and I found a few new product ideas that I can go through. Some products might not be interesting but to broaden your product ideas it’s useful to get different product angles.

Whenever you find yourself tired of going through niche products, come and have some fun with the products spinning.

Sell The Trend Shopify Store Explorer

Thousands of successful Drop Shipping stores at your fingertips. Here you will be able to see which products popular Drop Shipping stores are selling right now, and the best product trends for 2020. We even rank stores by how successful they are at picking Hot selling trending products. See exactly how to sell items online and Never miss out on a WINNING PRODUCT again!

sell the trend discount

Sell The Trend Facebook AD Explorer

Find Trending Products that are showing on Facebook right now. So what are the best products to sell online in 2020? We got the answer! Find Winning Ads and Products in seconds by using actual data to make informed decisions before committing any of your own dollars. See which Products you can sell from home that are gaining momentum by filtering and searching trending Ads right now.

Sell The Trend Video Ads Creator

This is a great addition that you’re getting with the package and lets you save money on other tools. Y get to import images with product URLs from other stores on Shopify, and you can also upload images from your gallery.

You can choose options for the image, music, add text, set framerates, and customise your video in any way you want.

Importing photos takes seconds, and the text options include top and bottom bars, a final screen and the name of your brand. The platform gives you royalty-free music for your videos as well.

Sell The Trend Retail Trend Explorer

Find Trending, Hot, New and Hidden Gem Aliexpress products. Find the product trends in 2020, Today. Use REAL SALES TRENDS to locate products that are exploding and take advantage of them before the competition. Don’t See a product in our system? No problem, add any Aliexpress Product link and let us privately follow it’s REAL TREND for you!

Sell The Trend Amazon Trend Explorer

Find Trending, Hot, New and Hidden Gem Amazon products. Take Your game to the next level by Using REAL PRODUCT RANKING TRENDS to locate products that are gaining sales momentum and take advantage of them before other sellers do. Our Amazon Trend Explorer is also a great source of Trending Products to test for your Shopify Drop Shipping Store.

Sell The Trend Instagram & Twitter Engagement Calculator

Want to find out if an influencer is worth spending money on? Enter their info into our calculator and get an instant rating of their worth. Quickly determine if an influencer’s account has the potential to generate sales. This tool will save your time and your money!

Sell The Trend 1-Click Add To Store

Push trending products straight to your store with one click of a button! Choose descriptions, images and optimal product pricing from the most trending stores from around the world. Mix and match the best details and auto import to your own store in a snap! What could be easier?

Sell The Trend 1-Click Order Fulfillment

Seamless and painless order fulfillment for when those orders star rolling in. You already work hard enough on your store, why not let our Awesome Chrome extension do all the heavy lifting for you. 1-Click order fulfillment automation so you can focus on your business and not the busy work.

sell the trend review

Pros of Sell The Trend 

  • All in one tool that monitors all the platforms together.
  • It’s more than a product research tool.
  • The product list is refreshing every day than other tools in the market.
  • Real trend-charts help user to understand the product’s sales.
  • Huge database with tons of products but easy to manage by filters. T
  • He single plan gives access to all the features.

Cons of Sell The Trend 

  • It can be pricey for beginners.
  • Winning products trends need to be developed.

sell the trend reviews

Sell The Trend Platforms supported

Sell The Trend lets you gain data and research on four different platforms. You can use AliExpress and Amazon for researching products, Facebook for studying the social media management, and Shopify for researching other stores directly.

Sell The Trend with Aliexpress

It comes with an explorer interface. You can use it to see which products are currently trending and performing the best. Of course, you can sort the products and filter the results, and you also have the option to view them by category, the niche, and their trend score.

Sell The Trend with Amazon

This is similar to the AliExpress researcher. You can view the products listed on Amazon, but you also get a link to their AliExpress listing so that you can try and fish a better deal.

Sell The Trend with Shopify

You can research the products and stores on Shopify. The database is juicy, seemingly with all stores on Shopify. They constantly look for new products on both old and new stores.

You can search products and study the niches and categories. As with the others, you can sort them through categories. The products come with links to their pages on AliExpress and Amazon, but you can also see their listing on the store they were originally found.

Besides products, you can also look up stores and search them by type; you can even see if they’re using tracking pixels. Store search gives you the traffic, orders per day, tech spending, ranking on Alexa, and even links to their social media presence and their products on AliExpress.

Sell The Trend with Facebook

With Facebook, you get the Ads Explorer and a Trackable Ads function.

This section lets you the best Ads found by the platform. You can see both recent and older ads, and you get to filter them by their posting date, the type of post, and even the post count, shares, comments, and likes.

sell the trend amazon


Sell The Trend Pricing and Discount with Coupon code

Sell The Trend Discount Code

Are you looking for a Sell The Trend discount code? Currently, there are no discount codes for Sell The Trend, but I will update this review immediately once there is a discount code available!

Sell The Trend Trial

Although Sell The Trend doesn’t offer any discount codes at this moment, they do offer a free 7-day trial for anyone who wants to try their product research tool without risking any money.

The great thing about their trial is that you can cancel your subscription any time you want.

This way, you can use the trial, but you don’t have to be scared that you need to pay money if you don’t like the tool!

Sell The Trend Pricing

Like I said above, they offer you a free 7-day trial. This way, you can check out the product research tool for your self. If you don’t like it, then you can cancel it directly without any costs!

The subscription price of Sell The Trend is currently $39 per month.

  • Sell The Trend Monthly Pricing

But you will get 2 months for free if you pay yearly:

  • Sell The Trend Yearly Pricing

The great thing is that they offer fast 24/7 support!

sell the trend facebook


After using many product research tools, I would say sell the trend is a fair deal. The reason is with this, one can avail all the options at a cheaper price where other tools sell for a subscription of more than $120.

With the latest technology, it is not a big deal to keep all the data in one place. But to customize the data according to how we need is the important factor. Sell the trend is extremely good with customizing the data and provide accurate data to understand more about the products.

The software is responsive, loading significant amounts of data and background processes in mere seconds. It updates the products in real time, and it’s always adding more information, even including Nexus research on more products as time goes on.

The tool has many options available in it. Hence, take your time and discover all the options within the free trial. If you are looking for paid subscription claim below coupon code and claim more discount on ‘sell the trend’.

Thank you for reading my ‘sell the trend’ review. And it became a long post because I had to explain all the features within the tool.

Hope this tool can add more value to your business and please comment below your questions and suggestions. I’m happy to help you with that.

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