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AMZScout group buy account - Reviews, Chrome Extension, Amazon FBA calculator Pro, Strategies, Pricing & Discount

AMZScout group buy account - Reviews, Chrome Extension, Amazon FBA calculator Pro, Strategies, Pricing & Discount

AMZScout group buy account - Reviews, Chrome Extension, Amazon FBA calculator Pro, Strategies, Pricing & Discount

AMZScout Pro Extension Reviews

Amazon Scout uses machine learning to recommend specific products to shoppers based on their likes and dislikes.

Currently still being tested, Scout provides recommendations in the categories of home furnishings, decor, and women’s shoes, with more categories coming soon.

In a statement shared with CNBC, an Amazon spokesperson stated, “This is a new way to shop, allowing customers to browse millions of items and quickly refine the selection based solely on visual attributes.”

How Amazon Scout Pro FBA Calculator Works?

Currently, the category options for Amazon Scout are furniture, home decor, lighting, kitchen and dining, patio, bedding, and women’s shoes, although the site says handbags, women’s fashion, and kids’ toys are coming soon.

So how does the site actually work? In women’s shoes, for example, you can browse through the mules category, where you’re fed options like block-heel open-toe shoes, Crocs, and open-back loafers. If you click “like” on the open-back loafers, the other styles disappear and you’re fed similar options, including plenty of knockoff Gucci slides.

In the bedding section, an initial duvet search page will give you options in color, patterns, and graphics. By disliking the colorful and graphic options and liking the white bedding, Amazon picks up that you prefer white bedding and feeds you options in several price points.

The fact that Amazon was able to serve me my own rug speaks to the company’s sheer weight. Amazon Scout seems to act like every other interactive algorithm that offers up options to consumers, except that it comes with Amazon’s endless database of products, and so it’s probably the only one that can actually succeed at showing you items until you land on something you like.

amazon scout extension

AMZScout Extension Pro Main Features

The AMZScout Pro is made up of some heavy tools, and rightfully so as they have the power to process data from the entire Amazon product and search database. It is much more extensive than the chrome application for this very reason. Chrome applications cannot run these heavy programs without hanging up your browser billions of times.

When you sign in the web application, the navigation is quite easy. You can easily find all the features in a custom made dashboard that is aimed to provide sellers ease and comfort of use. It is better than a few other tools where sellers get confused with all the information on one screen.

There are three main functionalities of the app, and they are all a must-have for any Amazon FBA tool. The product database, keyword research tool, and product tracker tool. 

Here, we will look into each of these features individually and line out how to utilize them correctly to boost business.

The Product Database

The Product Database exists to ensure that sellers can find products that have the potential to make a good profit. A seller can log in to the dashboard and enter a keyword, or product ASIN in the product database to find out the products that are similar to this.

After running a quick search, any similar products, along with photos and details will be listed in the search results. This data is very easy to understand and the sellers need to look through the products to see what the revenue of the product is, and what the cost of selling the product on Amazon is. This way, they can set up the other filters to rule out any products that are too competitive or do not have that good of a profit margin, or is too costly to start selling for them.

The app also allows you to search without keywords and see a mix of categories. In that, you will also find a filter to categorize, and another filter which will enable them to see the trend data for the products. The Google trends data speak a lot about the salability of a product.

Product with downward trends must be avoided as they are considered undesirable. AMZScout features are truly accurate and the products pose a lot of potentials when searched methodically.

Keywords Explorer

The purpose of the Keyword Explorer is not hyped enough. There are two main ways you can use the AMZScout Pro Keyword Explorer.

First, you find keywords that are relevant to your listing. If you already have a product in Amazon, you can use this tool to search for keywords that are high volume. That means keywords that most users search to find your product or a similar product.

Adding this in your title, and description will enable you to get a ranking next time someone searches for this keyword.

Secondly, you can also use the Keyword Explorer to find product niches that are in high demand. Start by using a single keyword that is of interest to you. If you are a plastic water bottle seller, you can maybe use a keyword like ‘waterproof plastic bottles’. This will give you a list of relevant keywords related to this. You search the list and see the search volume of each keyword. In this list, maybe the highest volume keyword is ‘leak proof water bottle’.

Depending on the competition for this product, you can market a variety of this product, with this keyword. So, when a buyer looks for a leak-proof water bottle, they will be directed to your product page. This is how sellers come up with good product ideas based on market demand. We suggest making the best use of this tool to ensure you are sourcing products that will profit you in the long run.

When selling a product, seasonality also matters. You do not want to start selling ice coolers in the middle of winter. Or ponchos in summer.

Another useful feature is that the list can be exported in excel for further analysis.

amazon scout

Product Tracker

This is the place where you save all the products that you want to sell in the future. You create a neat database that you evaluate further and revisit at a later time. The extension will let you track these products directly, and the save button will automatically add it to the tracker list. The access button makes it easy to see all the related information like trends and sales data. 

Amazon FBA Calculator

The Chrome extension has the most important tool of all, the AMZScout FBA calculator. When you sell a product using the FBA services from Amazon, there are a lot of fees involved. You simply cannot source a product and add a markup to it and begin selling.

 You must consider all the individual fees you are paying per unit, for picking, packing, handling, delivery, and return and customer service of the data. This can be a tedious task for even a small seller, let alone a seller who has a lot of products in stock.

Every product charge is varied depending on the size, dimensions of the product, how long you choose to store it in the warehouse if there is an issue with the inventory and if you want to remove a stock that is not selling as well as your other products. Now the FBA calculator does it all for you. 

When you are browsing a product, all you have to do is open the product page, and the FBA calculator will calculate the individual fees for that product and show you the final price of the product. Now, this would be a fairly simple process. The calculator shows you the fees, you add a markup to it and begin selling a product. But that is not how market demand works. 

A customer will only want to pay so much for a product, and FBA costs can get quite pricey because there are so many factors. This makes some of the products that seem like they have a lot of potentials, completely unviable. So you cannot just start selling these products without knowing if the price justifies the product and your profit margin.

Here are all the factors that the FBA calculator takes into account when calculating the fees. If you do this manually, the logistics itself will become a nightmare.

AMZScout Pricing

amazon scout pro

The best thing about AMZScout is that there is an AMZScout free 7 day trial for any of the three price packages. If you choose to test it out, make sure to cancel your subscription before the free period is over so that you are not charged for a full month’s membership.

The price tiers are Basic, Start and Business and they all have the same features enabled. AMZScout has taken a very different route from some of its counterparts by simplifying the pricing model. The only distinguished difference is that you have to choose how many products you want to track at a time. 

We can definitively say that anyone who is starting out a new business or sells a limited number of products will have a tough time thinking of more than 20 products they want to track. We recommend going for the basic plan for newbies.

However, if you are running a large store, it makes a lot of sense to skip the Start plan and directly go for Business. It allows double the number of products you can track, so there is a lot of room for expansion as happens to be the case for some of the bigger businesses.

Take a look at the pricing model. The following image shows what they are offering. 

AMZScout Strategies For Product Research

Check pages like stream, movers & shakers, most wished for or goldbox

That’s the most simple Amazon item search strategy. Such pages as Stream, Movers & Shakers, Most Wished For or GoldBox have products that Amazon considers as interesting, they can have new or old products with quickly growing sales or products with high searches. Just open any of these pages and run AMZScout Pro extension. This extension works on such pages. You can sort products in the spreadsheet by RPR (revenue per reviews) to get the most profitable ideas. Check estimated sales and revenue.

If there are too many products, you can use filter the results. What parameters are we interested in? Most likely they are:

  • Price and sales. Price should be suitable and Amazon sales per day must be good. The exact numbers actually depend on your possibilities, expectations, and preferences.
  • Size and weight. It’s always easier to deal with standard products since fulfilled by Amazon fees are lower.
  • FBA. We would like to check only products of Amazon FBA sellers.
  • Products with a lower rating are better since we’ll have a room for improvement.

Once you found an interesting product, be sure to check the niche. It’s more important to find the most profitable niche than a particular product. Use AMZScout extension to check the niche.

Check the page “last minute deals”

The page “Last minute deals” lists the products with discounts. Sellers use discounts to get more reviews and get higher BSR. Usually, it happens in profitable niches. You can explore all deals by the department, price or discount. Choose a department that you are interested in and run AMZScout extension.

It is one of the best tools for Amazon sellers since it works on all pages of Amazon. Sort products by RPR and check items that seem interesting to you. Once you find an interesting product don’t forget to check the whole niche. Is there any room for improvement? Will you be able to compete?

Product database search

This strategy requires you to use AMZScout web application and AMZScout 20+ million products database. Just go to and select Product Database tab. Click on the filter to select search parameters:

  • Price. Price range can be from $10 to $100, but in fact, it depends on your preferences.
  • Estimated revenue. The amount you want to earn. It depends on many things and your ambitions first of all.
  • Reviews. We recommend choosing products of Amazon with not more than 100 reviews otherwise it is difficult to enter the top.
  • Minus some words in the search bar, if you want to exclude some kinds of products.

By the way, you can use the web application to track sales on Amazon. Just use the Product Tracker tab. This is a simple seller tracker that allows you to spy and understand whether a product sells well or not.

When you find a product that seems interesting check it on Amazon website. Check the product niche using the AMZScout extension. Do you like the niche? Can you improve the product?

Check alibaba and other wholesale companies (to create your private label)

Another simple strategy is to look hot new product ideas on Alibaba or similar websites. Search something like “new best selling products on alibaba 2018” in Google. Check products that are popular on Alibaba and then check how they move on Amazon and FBA sales rank.

Use AMZScout extension and sort the list of Amazon products by RPR. What is the revenue? What is the number of reviews? Does this niche seem interesting to you? Is there any brand that dominates this market? Are there many products with high revenue but low number of reviews (less than 100)?

Look around yourself

Be creative! Look around and notice even small things! Is there something that seems uncomfortable to you to search in regular shops? Are there products that you feel it’s difficult to find? Does it seems that a product you buy in ordinary shops has unreasonably high price? Do you have any product sets ideas or ideas to improve an available product?

Try to check these products online. Use Amazon search tool. Analyze search results using the AMZScout extension. Will it be a good market? Does a product have good sales? Will you be able to enter this market?

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