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If you are an affiliate marketer or a native advertiser then you have to understand your core targeted audience first before starting any campaign. If you are using some good spy tools to spy over your rival advertisers, you will get to know about their campaign promotion techniques and secrets. You can have a better understanding of your campaign through those. All you have to do to get a better ROI from your ads is to modify the techniques a little bit and use them in your own campaign. Here, you get a quick insight of your hard core competitors without much effort. Anstrex is such a spy tool. It helps you to spy over your competitor’s native advertisements. In this article, we will give you are detailed review of Anstrex.

Anstrex Spy Tool Reviews

Anstrex has the potential to make you one of the best native advertisers or affiliate marketers online. No doubt, the spy tool won’t do each and everything to boost your ROI but it will surely make things easier, less costly and more efficient for you. Now, whether you will be one of the key advertisers depends upon your dedication and technical tactics.

Anstrex provides you with all the aggressive intelligence data about an ad. In simple words, you can get a detailed report of any merchandise on the market.

You will get to know the deepest technical secrets of your competitors with which they have run a successful ad. There is an ad alert option which keeps you updated with ads that have been launched recently. Now, exploring what works on your competitors, you will be able to implement them, in your own ad campaigns which increase your chance of getting a higher ROI. All you have to do yourself is analyze similar ads and make a strategy for your ad and execute it.


What is Anstrex Spy Tool?

Well Anstrex, is one of the top Native Ads Spy tools that you can find on the internet. This tool primarily provides you with all the ads competitive intelligence data that would help you to understand your competitors in a better way.

The primary job of the tool is to unlock the secrets of the native advertising. Hence, as a result, you can quickly build the campaigns that offer you the best in the business Return of Investments or ROI.

The tool will help your expensive time that you usually spend on your research. Offers more native advertisement data compared to any other tool in the market.

Also, the best thing about this tool is that it has the biggest database of native advertisements. According to a report it has more than 10 millions of native ads data from more than 27 ad networks and in more than 15 countries.

Furthermore, the tool will also allow you to download all the high converting landing pages. Even this is a feature that most of the tools out there lacks.

Also, the best part of this feature is that you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to hire someone to design the landing pages. The tool will do the job for you in an effective way.

Anstrex Affiliate Top Features Reviews

  • Save On Marketing

Experimenting with marketing campaigns undoubtedly costs quite a lot. But what if you get to know about the things that are actually working before investing a single penny on marketing campaigns?

Well if you want to do so, then Anstrex can be a perfect tool for you. It will help you to get all the necessary information by spaying on the right business campaign.

  • Learn Their Secrets

In order to level up from your competitor, you need to know what they are up to and just to help you out in this, the tool will help you find what your competitors are doing with their marketing. So you can quickly know which geo locations they are using.

  • Drive More Traffic

One thing I have described in the short review that is it has integrated Alexa and similar web. These both tools are fused to drive the extra traffic which helps to grow your campaign.

These both tool will let you know about from where and on what your competition is getting the clicks. So, note down these things and use in your campaign.

So, the job of traffic overview is also done in Anstrex.

  • Speed Up Your Time To Market

It has an advanced search option with the help of which you can get the unbeatable research of a month at your fingertips.
Here in Anstrex, you will find a thing without putting extra efforts, just go to the right option and you will get your result.

  • Finding Better Offers

In Anstrex they have there owned Affiliate Offer Wall, which is used to see which affiliate offers the masters are selecting and running their campaigns from ads through landing pages.

They will find the best offers for you and you can start a campaign on that offer. They said it revolutionary Affiliate Offer Wall and I think this is really revolutionary.

Here you will see the already running campaigns.

  • Get Awesome Images

It also comes with an image offering feature. Using this feature, you will be able to find attractive images that actually convert the traffic into sales. So you can get the best ROI possible.

anstrex push ads spy tool

Anstrex Benefits Compare with Adplexity, SpyPush, AdVault Tools

Anstrex vendor boasts 20 native ad networks tracked, over 5.5 million native ad units, almost 54K advertisers, and tracking in 15 countries. It’s a tool for advertisers, content creators, direct sales marketers and affiliates. Allows language filtering and integrates with Alexa and Similarweb.

Its benefits include:

  1. Save On Marketing: Know what’s working before you launch a campaign by spying on the best in the business.
  2. Quickly Test Any Landing Page: Rip any landing page, customize it and deploy it on server within a few minutes.
  3. Learn Their Secrets: Powerful filters lets you see what your competition is running…and where.
  4. Drive More Traffic: Full Alexa & SimilarWeb integration tells you from where your competition is getting clicks.
  5. Get Deep Data Insight: Get data insights that no other platform can offer. Geo partitioning algorithm takes into account traffic patterns in that particular location to provide extremely accurate data for each country.
  6. Find Better Offers: Use our revolutionary Affiliate Offer Wall to see which affiliate offers the masters are selecting and running their campaigns from ads through landing pages.
  7. Speed Up Your Time to Market: Get months’ worth of unbeatable research at your fingertips in minutes with advanced search features.
  8. Keep Up on Competition: Set up alerts and find instantly when new ads are launched.

anstrex vs adplexity

Anstrex Pricing and Discount with Coupon Code

anstrex discount code

There are total three plans were available and all these plans were per months plan.

  • $39.99/Month

    • 2 Ad Networks
    • 1 Country
    • Private Forum Access
    • Online Support
  • $49.99/Month

    • 2 Ad Networks
    • 1 Country
    • Private Forum Access
    • Online Support
  • $59.99/Month

    • All 20 Ads Networks
    • All 15 countries
    • Private Forum Access
    • Online Support
    • Unlimited Alerts
    • Affiliate Network Filter
    • Affiliate Offer Wall
    • All Country Support
    • Adv. Boolean Searching
    • 2-day No Obligation Trial Period is available in all three plans.

Anstrex Pros and Cons Reviews

Anstrex Pros

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Economical pricing
  • Content marketing
  • Direct sales
  • Affiliate marketing

Anstrex Cons

  • The sheer volume of competition data could take more time to compile and make decisions for startup companies with no experience


In the end, we would say that Anstrex is undoubtedly the best native advertisement spying tool that you can use. However, if you are still confused if you should go for this or not, well then there is a 2 days trial that you can try out. Also for any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

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