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How to Use Ahrefs for Free? Master Your SEO Strategy!

Learn how to use Ahrefs for free effectively with our comprehensive guide

Are you looking to improve your website's SEO performance but don't want to spend a fortune on expensive tools? Ahrefs is a powerful tool for analyzing backlinks, keywords, and site traffic, but it can be pricey. Luckily, there are ways how to use Ahrefs for free for features! In this guide, we'll show you some simple methods to access Ahrefs' features without breaking the bank!

How to Use Ahrefs for Free with Optimize SEO Tools?

Explore how Ahrefs' free SEO tools can elevate your business's online visibility. offers a complete overview of everything you need to know about Ahrefs free, detailing how its free tools can effectively support and enhance your business. See firsthand how these tools can make a difference for you!

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Free tutorial on how to use ahrefs for freeHow to use ahrefs for free to enhance your website's performance effortlessly

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) is the ideal tool for the task. It offers access to two key tools: Site Audit for checking your website’s technical health, and Site Explorer for reviewing your backlinks.

Site Audit

The Ahrefs site audit stands out as one of the top tools in its category. Users receive a detailed SEO health score, offering deep insights into their websites. It generates regular reports, either weekly or on demand, pinpointing every issue affecting the site. 

Site Explorer

Site Explorer provides a comprehensive overview of your websites. It allows you to analyze websites you've verified through Ahrefs, offering extensive data such as backlink profiles, search traffic, and organic traffic. What stands out is the complete visibility into your backlink profile, showing all links from other sites, along with anchor texts and referring domains. For organic search, you can explore keyword ideas, organic keywords, and your competitors, all available for free.

Check out our article that explains how to sign up and utilize webmaster tools, focusing on two main features: Site Audit and Site Explorer. Dive deeper into these topics by visiting our article!

Ahrefs’ Free Keyword Generator

how to use ahrefs for free

Use Ahrefs' Free Keyword Generator to discover high-impact keywords quickly

How to use ahrefs for free with keyword generator feature? This keyword generator offers 150 keyword ideas for nearly any keyword. Simply enter a broad term like "drone," click "Find keywords," and discover the top 100 popular keywords along with 50 related questions. 

It provides essential metrics such as search volume and Keyword Difficulty (KD), aiding in topic selection. What makes this tool exceptional is its ability to search keywords across various search engines like YouTube, Amazon, and Bing, not just Google.

Ahrefs’ Free Keyword Difficulty Checker

how to get ahrefs for free

Assess SEO competitiveness easily with Ahrefs' Free Keyword Difficulty Checker

Ahrefs’ Free Keyword Difficulty Checker assesses the challenge of reaching the top 10 rankings on a scale of 1 to 100, where higher scores indicate greater difficulty. It also estimates the average number of backlinks from unique websites required, based on the top 10 results' average referring domains. A higher KD score signifies a need for more backlinks to improve your chances of ranking well.

Ahrefs’ Free SERP Checker

Potential of using Ahrefs for free to grow traffic

Explore Ahrefs' Free SERP Checker to analyze search engine rankings

The free SERP checker displays the top 10 results for any keyword across 243+ countries, with no VPN needed. It also provides useful SEO metrics for the top three results. However, the free version of Ahrefs offers limited information and may not always meet your needs effectively. For more comprehensive access, consider our Ahrefs Group Buy option to unlock additional features and maximize your productivity.

Ahrefs’ Free Website Traffic Checker

Empower your strategy by using Ahrefs for free

Monitor website traffic effortlessly with Ahrefs' Free Website Traffic Checker

Ahrefs’ Free Website Traffic Checker helps you find inspiration by analyzing competitor websites. Simply paste the URL of the second search result from the previous tool into "Exact URL" mode and click "Check traffic" to view their traffic insights.

Watch the video below to discover how to use Ahrefs for free effectively in terms of Ahrefs' Website Traffic Checker to analyze and improve your website's traffic performance.

Ahrefs’ Free Backlink Checker

how to use ahrefs for free easily

Ahrefs' Free Backlink Checker offers insights into your site's link profile

How to get Ahrefs for free to explore link building feature? A common strategy in link building is to examine competitors' backlink profiles to understand their linking strategies. To do this, use our free backlink checker: simply paste the URL of a competing page, and you'll receive a list of its top 100 backlinks, allowing you to analyze and potentially replicate their tactics.

Optimize your website by using Ahrefs for free wisely

Use Ahrefs' SEO Toolbar to quickly discover and fix broken links

Broken link building is an effective strategy for link building. It involves finding web pages that no longer exist but have numerous links pointing to them. Once identified, you recreate a similar page on your site and reach out to the websites linking to the broken page, requesting them to link to your newly created page instead. 

Here are steps to find broken link building with Ahrefs: Our free broken link checker tool simplifies this process: enter your competitor’s domain, click “Check links,” and navigate to “Broken inbound links” to discover the top 10 inactive pages and their linking sources. Check out our comprehensive guide on using Ahrefs broken links to find and fix fault links. It's your ultimate resource to eliminate broken links once and for all!

Ahrefs’ Free Rank Checker

how to use ahrefs for free with groupbyexpert.comHow to use ahrefs for free to provide real-time insights into your keyword rankings

A more effective approach is using our Ahrefs rank checker. It not only reveals your position on the search engine results page (SERP) but also provides a detailed overview of the top three results. These additional metrics are valuable for understanding search intent, especially if your ranking is beyond the top three positions.

Ahrefs’ Free SEO WordPress Plugin

how can i get ahrefs freeSeamlessly integrate Ahrefs' Free SEO WordPress Plugin for enhanced site performance

If your article's rankings decline over time, it's crucial to reassess and enhance it. Conducting a content audit can help pinpoint issues and optimize your content. Our free SEO WordPress plugin automates this audit process, allowing you to identify both strong and weak-performing pages on your site and assess your overall content quality. 

It provides recommendations such as updating, merging, excluding, or rewriting pages based on their ranking performance and uniqueness of target keywords across all pages.

How to Get Another Free Trial of Ahrefs?

how to get another free trial of ahrefsHow to use ahrefs for free by using a different email address

How to get another free trial of ahrefs? To get another free trial of Ahrefs, you can try signing up with a different email address or Ahrefs login password free. Ahrefs typically allows new trials for accounts with unique email IDs. Alternatively, some websites and forums occasionally offer Ahrefs promotion codes or special deals that include extended trial periods. 

Remember to use the trial period effectively to explore Ahrefs' features and decide if it meets your needs before committing to a subscription. Always check the terms and conditions to ensure compliance with Ahrefs' policies regarding multiple trials.


To sum up, how to use Ahrefs for free? Utilizing Ahrefs for free empowers you to harness valuable tools that can significantly benefit your website. By leveraging these resources effectively, you can enhance your site's SEO, identify and fix issues like broken links, and gain insights into your competitors' strategies. Take advantage of Ahrefs' free features to optimize your website's performance and achieve greater visibility online.

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