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Netflix 12 Months Subscription & Warranty: 4K UltraHD w/ 4 Screens

Premium Unlimited Streaming in HD and Ultra HD
You get a 100% guarantee! in case of problems, we are here to support you. 
We are ready to replace your account if it doesn't work.
High Quality account with a 12 months warranty (1 year) *WORKS WORLDWIDE (It will work with any country)
Highest quality audio available
 4 Screens you can watch on at the same time
 Watch on your laptop, TV, phone and tablet
 Unlimited movies and TV shows
You can watch Netflix on any of these devices: Smart TV or Blu-ray player,
Phone or Tablet, Desktop or Laptop, XBOX, tv, PlayStation, Wii, Roku
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. I only need to pay one time ?.
Yes. Just a one-time payment
2. When will I receive my account?
You will receive it in maximum 12 hours, after clear payment. Usually, I deliver it in less than 2 hours
3.Can i create my own profiles ?
Yes ! You can create your own profiles also you can watch on 4 devices at the same time
4. Can I make changes to the account?
No. You cannot make any changes( include email + password + payment ) 
5. Can I share the account with my friends and family?
Sure. Just make sure they will not make any changes to it!
6.Can i use the account in my country ? 
You can watch TV Show and Movies instantly in over 190 countries But Netflix is not yet available in China ,though the company continues to explore options for providing the service.It also is not available in Crimea,North Korea and Syria (but you can watch it if you connect through a VPN )
7. What warranty is the one you offer?
1-year warranty - I will replace your account if something happens, within 1 year from the date of purchase
Please understand that i am human and problems can always happen, i am not the Netflix Company, if you do not agree with this PLEASE DO NOT BUY!
Important: Read everything and ask your questions before you buy, please.


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