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Store Leads group buy

Store Leads Group Buy

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Are you an e-commerce store owner trying to increase sales and traffic to your website? Store Leads Group Buy is the best platform for e-commerce data and analytics. With the e-commerce industry's ever-increasing competitiveness, having access to reliable data is critical for keeping ahead of the game. 

In this article, we will explore how StoreLeads can revolutionize your business. They provide you with valuable information about your target audience, competitors, and industry trends. Join the thousands of successful online businesses that have already leveraged this tool to supercharge their e-commerce growth.

What is Store Leads?

Efficiently store leads for future sales opportunities

Explore a powerful tool for businesses to track and analyze customer data

Store Leads is a valuable resource for Shopify app developers, providing an interactive database of Shopify stores. It serves the purpose of aiding market research and competitive analysis efforts.

Benefit Store Lead

Effective and innovative storeleads tracking system

Store lead increases customer base and boosts sales

Discover a treasure trove of information with StoreLeads, including:

  • Explore the top Shopify stores that utilize Product Reviews, gaining insights from their success.

  • Stay updated on the latest Shopify stores that have recently integrated Product Reviews, ensuring you're always in the know.

  • Uncover the top categories for Shopify stores with Product Reviews, allowing you to identify popular niches.

  • Gain a global perspective by discovering the leading countries where Shopify stores with Product Reviews thrive.

  • Get a sneak peek into the number of products sold by Shopify stores with Product Reviews, gauging their level of success.

  • Access Social Media accounts, email addresses, and phone numbers, enabling direct communication with potential business partners.

  • Dive into the domain status and domain type of these Shopify stores, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Store Leads’s Features

Proactively storeleads for proactive customer engagement

Discover the powerful features of Store Leads Group Buy for businesses

There are some main features that this powerful tool brings for your users: 

  • Search with Advance Feature: Master the art of running complex queries to segment your database and unleash its full potential.

  • Chrome Extension: Enhance your browsing experience by installing the Chrome Extension and uncover valuable StoreLeads data.

  • Create Lists: Discover how to make a list by hand or by storing a search.

  • Watches: Discover how you can receive notifications regarding app or technology installations or uninstallations in stores.

  • Updated Notifications: Explore the benefits of receiving fast notifications on shop data changes and new eCommerce software releases.

Store Leads Customer Reviews

Efficiently captured Store Leads for sales growth

Analyzing the effectiveness of lead generation strategies for stores

Here are some reviews relating to this e-commerce platform: 

  • “Store Leads' significant data points assist in identifying potential prospects with high intent. Moreover, their team is extremely knowledgeable and readily available for strategy discussions and guidance on utilizing the platform's best features.”

  • “StoreLeads is an exceptional tool for targeted prospecting. Its wide range of filters allows users to discover companies based on specific technologies and social media trends.”

  • "Store Leads outperforms other prospecting tools in terms of detail and features. Besides their staff was extremely helpful, quickly replying to all of our specific questions and offering expert technical solutions within a few days."

Store Leads Plan & Pricing

Strategically nurtured Store Leads for success

Choose the best plan and pricing options suitable to your requirements

To meet the needs of varied businesses, this platform offers a variety of packages:










Data Access

All shops on any two eCommerce platforms

All shops on any 2 eCommerce platforms

All stores


2,000 searches/ month




1 user ($15/additional user/month)

3 users ($15/additional user/month)

10 users ($15/additional user/month)

Export to CSV




API Access




CRM Enrichment


Manual and Automatic

Manual and Automatic

Store Leads Screenshots

Store Leads - The platform for ecommerce data.

LEADS Screenshots - Sales Prospecting and Customer Relationship Manager |

FAQ Store Leads Group Buy

What data is available for each store?

Depending on the e-commerce platform used by the shop, StoreLeads gathers hundreds of characteristics.

What is Storeleads app?

This is a powerful tool that scours the web for comprehensive eCommerce data, perfect for generating leads and conducting market research.

How often is the data updated?

The information is updated weekly.


Finally, Store Leads provides a helpful platform for acquiring e-commerce data that may substantially assist online retailers. Businesses may make educated decisions and get a competitive advantage with its comprehensive and up-to-date information on shop statistics, including sales, traffic, and technology used. This tool has an easy-to-use design and customized search options, making it an excellent tool for market research, competitive analysis, and spotting possible business prospects.

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