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Advault Spy Tool Reviews: What is Advault?

Advault Spy Tool,Advault Spy Tool review

Native advertising is taking over the internet. What first started out as something that was on just a handful of websites and blogs, is now on nearly every major new and media outlet online. Forbes, ESPN, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur — yep, it’s on them all… and plenty more are on the way by this service!

Why is everyone jumping on the native advertising trend? Simply because it’s making all sides of the party a massive amount of money. Content sites are making a ton of money from their audience clicking on these link bait titles, advertisers are getting cheap clicks and the third party at networks are making money serving the ads for both sides.

When something like this comes around, it’s not an issue of trying to reinvent the wheel… it’s simply a matter of finding out how you can use it best to your advantage.  This is exactly what we are looking at today with all of the different native advertising networks to choose from. When someone had created something that works, don’t mess with it… just work it. The same fundamental principle can be applied to the world of online advertising and marketing. Sneak a peek into what other advertisers are doing and leverage their experience for your own benefit.

Positioning itself as the native ads spy tool, Advault gives you access to millions of hot advertisements from across multiple networks. By looking into the images, ad copy, and performance of competing ads, you can put together a far more lucrative and effective campaign of your own.

HowTo Use Advault Spy Tool

The dashboard has a very easy to use panel. Lets find out how to use the tool.

Searching Ads On Advault

Advault Spy Tool,Advault Spy Tool review

You can search ads on advault by going to top menu “Search Ads”. You can search any ads by keywords, advertiser url, tagline or publisher. You can also filter the ads based on filtering options like ad network, language, country, device, ad run duration, minimum times seen, minimum AdStrength, minimum publishers, minimum Facebook shares, date range & redirects/non-redirects. Here, redirect means affiliates(as they use it for tracking) and non redirect are generally direct-advertiser whose primary goal is branding and exposure.  Below is a image of the option “Search Ads” on advault’s dashboard.

Advault made it very easy to differentiate between an affiliate’s ad and a direct advertiser’s ad. Ads containing a green round icon with a white exclamation mark inside it is an affiliate’s ad, as the ad contain redirects on it’s landing page which is mainly used for tracking a lead or sales. The image provided below will make it clear.

Saved Searches

Advault gives you the ability to save any search which can be used for later use. All you have to do is click the heart icon beside search button “Add this search to AdTracker” in the SpyLog. Results also show you the history for this query. The image below will describe it.

Favorite Ads

Advault Spy Tool,Advault Spy Tool review

User’s can add any ad to their favorite lists by clicking on the heart icon on any ad. The image below will explain it.


LeadFinder gives you the contact details for every advertiser in advault’s database! Advault automatically and manually gather the name, phone and email for all advertisers in their database. Right now there are 32,177 advertisers in their database and counting! This feature is only available for network account.


Advault Spy Tool,Advault Spy Tool review

From this menu, you can claim your FREE ad credits coupons and can get 10-100% credit match on your first time deposit. Coupons aren’t available for trial accounts, its activated only for pro accounts and network accounts.

Advault Features Summary

Advault Spy Tool,Advault Spy Tool review

  • Huge ever-expanding database of native ads
  • Easy to use interface
  • Covers 13 native ad networks
  • Covers 20 countries
  • Ads search by keywords, url, tag line, publisher
  • Advance filtering options(ad network, language, country, device, Ad run duration, Minimum times seen, Minimum AdStrength, Minimum publishers, Minimum Facebook shares, Date range & redirects/non-redirects)
  • Options to save ads and ads image
  • Provides complete data on ad network, first seen, last seen, times seens, country, device, site placement, adstrength
  • Identifying direct advertiser’s and affiliates with ease
  • Contact details of 32,177 advertisers in their database and counting! (Available only for network accounts)
  • Total ad credits worth $3350 for FREE
  • Exclusive 9 days trial for ANC readers only

Advault Spy Tool Pricing And Discount With Coupon Code

Advault Spy Tool,Advault Spy Tool review

They have an attraction point over their pricing thing too! You can try them out for as low as $1 (It's literally “FREE”, because you get extremely actionable data even with this plan, so it's like 200x times ROI!) 

Additionally, their Pro and Network plans also get you Free Ad Credits worth $2500! (Worry not, even these plans have the $1 trial plans!, although you might not get the credits on the trial plan!)

So all of that free ride for $1? I'd say totally worth it!

Final Thoughts

Advault Spy Tool,Advault Spy Tool review

I generally don’t recommend much product. But when the product is good, I always share it with others (atleast things which I have tested and used myself).

Advault is a great tool when it comes to spy your competitor on native advertising. It does all the hard work of gathering all the data for you. You can explore lots of new niches and can find some winning campaign within minutes.

Advault is providing $3350 worth of Free ad credit to all new pro users. On the top of that advault is providing 9 days trial for $1 exclusively to all the ANC readers.

It’s a great deal for me because not only I can spy with advault but i can make proper use of the ad credit and earn it back on my affiliate networks. If not double, but close to it if i am doing close to +ve 100% ROI. ROI for native ads is really great and better than banner advertisement, so imagine how much you can earn with that $3350 ad credit.

If you are still not convinced, then give ANC’s exclusive 9 day trial for $1. Test it by yourself and if you don’t find it worthy, then you can cancel it anytime.

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