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What is BuiltWith?


BuiltWith is a lead generation software that allows users to perform advanced filtering on the lead lists. These lists are generated by accessing data from leads across the world. It is a sales intelligence software that enables its users to predict future leads and generate instant predefined prospect lists. It also provides an insight into the existing leads and enables users to categorize them based on spending, locations and the technologies used. The lead lists generated help improve campaign management strategies and boost conversions.

BuiltWith Features

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 Lead Generation

 The software has a database of 38,675+ web technologies and over a quarter of billion websites, using which users can run lead generation campaigns.

 Sales Intelligence

With BuiltWith, users can easily understand their prospects’ requirements before talking to them. They can improve their conversions with validated market adoption provided by the software.

 Market Analysis

The software provides information on market share and country based analytics for all web technologies.

 Data Coverage

BuiltWith helps users by enabling them to cover the entire market. It provides data information about top traffic sites, premium websites, potentials and more.


The software provides timely reports and notifications to its users when any website that they are interested in, adds new technologies. It sends in alerts when the user’s reports have net new data.

 API Access

The software provides JSON and XML Data APIs access to particular lists of websites. It also enables users to offer the API within their own system to provide technical information.

 Special Features

BuiltWith has advanced features to help its users in lead generation, market analysis and sales intelligence.

 Cyber Risk Auditing

The software helps users in analysing the potential risks to their websites. It provides historical risk tracking resources that help users in understanding the history of a company.

 Alternative Data

BuiltWith offers alternative data products like market share analysis, custom projects, technology customer acquisition and loss, along with competitor customer movement trends and reports.

 Report Filtering

The software provides advanced filter options for its users so that they do not have to waste their time in conducting search operations to find suitable leads.

 CRM integration

Users can easily sync the data of BuiltWith with Salesforce, Pardot Sync and Hubspot. They can see technology profiles of leads and accounts.


BuiltWith provides screenshot demos to its users to help them with the setup process.

Market Research with BuiltWith

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The software provides its users with several web tools to choose from and see their usage history across the web. The tools covered by the software have been grouped in more than 200 different categories and sub-categories such as A/B testing tools, content management systems, hosting providers and eCommerce platforms. The user can get a snapshot of the trends and the market share held by competing technologies.

Report Filtering in BuiltWith

This lead generation application provides its users with sophisticated filtering functions. The user can filter a report based on technological budgets, thus helping them to target the websites on the basis of their budgets. BuiltWith also allows the user to filter leads on the basis of geographical locations and generate lead lists based on specific state and zip code. Moreover, users can filter a report based on the type of currency used in a specific region.

Pricing of BuiltWith

BuiltWith offers three kinds of plans for its users, that include:

  1. Basic Plan - It covers a subscription of one year and is priced at Rs. 20,650.
  2. Pro Plan - It is available at Rs. 34,650 for a subscription period of one year.
  3. Enterprise Plan - It costs Rs. 69,650 for the usage of an entire year.

Users can also avail customized pricing depending upon their extent of use and personal preferences. You can ask us for a callback soon to get a personalized quote.

Benefits of using BuiltWith

BuiltWith provides businesses with exportable lists of insights and customers to see who is in the lead among the competitor technologies. The software provides the feature of advanced filtering that allows the users to compile highly targetted reports. It uses historical data to determine which site used a specific technology in the past and creates a list to make assumptions about other websites that may appear on the list in the future. The software can provide physical addresses and look for verified ones on the website.

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