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If you want to make sure your customers receive their orders in a timely manner, then you should try EPROLO, a Shopify dropshipping app that will get packages to your UK and US customers in five to eight days. EPROLO will also print your company’s logo on shipping labels, packaging tape, and invoices, helping you to build brand awareness.

Eprolo, a free dropshipping platform, is the best alternative to aliexpress for a supplier.. If you want to have one supplier to talk to, then definetly go with eprolo. This shift will reduse a lot of headaches! Because the alternative is, that you are dealing with a bunch of different suppliers, and no qaulity control at all.

 According to drop shippers doing huge numbers in the industry, they recognized Eprolo as user-friendly, timely, and suitable Dropshipping application for your Shopify store.

The statics in their official website page proves for sure people enjoy using this App. There are over 11000 users and still growing, over 1 million fulfilled orders since 2016, and over 300 thousands products. 

Today, it is simple and more comfortable to venture into the world of e-commerce, where you become a reliable Dropshipping entrepreneur, thanks to Eprolo. It assists you to import products from AliExpress direct into your Shopify account by just a few clicks and on time. Eprolo has built a trustworthy and good relationship with many thousands of suppliers and can source all kinds of products

Manages and controls quality on your behalf

Eprolo takes out the worry about the quality of the product away. They handle all the suppliers as well ensure they drop ship to your quality products. When you have this App you focus is on improving sales and marketing of your store rather than checking and confirming the quality of products, Eprolo will take of that.

Ability to import thousands of products from AliExpress

Eprolo as gain popularity due to that it has allowed dropshippers to import as many products as they want in an easy, quick, and convenient manner from AliExpress. More so you can view the product prices, details, see images, and browse through a variety of products.

Outstanding Eprolo and AliExpress integration

When you visit Eprolo as well as AliExpress websites, they integrate very well. It means after you install the Eprolo Plugin, it is easier and quicker to go to the AliExpress site, click on the product and import them and it will look as if you are browsing the web.

Quick delivery
Eprolo understands that many drop shipping business does face slow delivery time. Hence they have developed their own Express Shipping channel. It shortens the delivery time to an average time of 5-8 days. Eprolo VS Oberlo delivery time Eprolo offers dependable and on-time delivery.

Eprolo pricing: Eprolo is FOREVER FREE. "Eprolo believes success comes from helping other entrepreneurs succeed, so we keep it free.” 

Excellent and easy to navigate interface
Eprolo has built its interface professionally. There is an easy to navigate dashboard features on the left hand with a clear menu. The arrangement is made systematically to enable easy editing if the need arises. It is easy to search for a product, import, and check products features, among other features easily.

Offers discounts
Eprolo values its customers that is drop shippers and grants them discounts when they border on multiple items. It enables dropshippers to save money. There is also a discount for each order, and this allows you to make more profit by saving more.

How to fulfill orders on shopify? Get started with Eprolo

Sign up Shopify
Sign up Eprolo 

On the dashboard, there is a button to connect your Shopify store to Eprolo. Click on that button, when it requests for the permission allow and then install the App.

To install the App click here, and you will be directed to Eprolo install page on Shopify page on Shopify App store. Then, click add App button and follow the instructions. 

Import products:
You can use the search bar to find product or view product by categories. You will only have to click “Add to import list “tab. The selected products will be automatically added to your import list. 

Customize product information
Push the product to your store:

When you are done with editing, the next step is to set up your retail price. All products in Eprolo database are eligible for free shipping. Hence you only need to add a profit margin you desire on top of Eprolo wholesale price. With that, you are set to push the product to your Shopify store. Just click the “push to Shopify” button. 

Finding Hot Selling Products 

The EPROLO Chrome Extension:

You will need the EPROLO Chrome Extension if you dropship products from AliExpress

Once the EPROLO Chrome Extension has been installed to your Google Chrome browser, please log in to your Aliexpress and EPROLO before using it. You can import the Aliexpress product to EPROLO by clicking on the green icon on the top left of a product. It will take around 2 seconds to import the product adequately, and you can also import multiple products at the same time.

Click the “Order Products” yellow button, and you will be directed to the AliExpress website. The products and the shipping information will be auto-added by the Extension. If something is not filled automatically, you may have to correct it and fill in manually.

Eprolo Payment: 

Choose your payment method and click the “Place Order” button to process the payment. Aliexpress order will take 2-5 days to ship out, delivery time depends on what shipping method you choose for the order.

If you want to fulfill your Aliexpress order at EPROLO, you can click the “Ask for Quote” button to find out if EPROLO can fulfill this order for you. It will take around 24 hours to confirm the price and supply, and then you can click the “Fulfill orders at EPROLO” button to process the order.

Eprolo Cashback:

Eprolo cashback is a rebate service that offers 5% cashback from each $100 sold of inventory. Eprolo is trying to build a decentralized distribution and dropshipping community around it. Make sure you use the invitation code 565405 to receive bonus points that will add up to your account when use the platform and build up every time you make orders.

Eprolo delivery:

Delivery on time depends on your location around the world. Eprolo supports worldwide free shipping. They do ship all the commodities with free shipping method by default. They also do fast deliveries, and you can choose if so when fulfilling an order. The product size and weight determine the cost of a fast shipping method.

Check out their delivery schedule here: 

A.U. Express on Average delivery time is in between 7-9 days.

  • C.A. Express on Average delivery time is between 7-9 days.
  • U.S. Express on Average delivery time is between 5- 8 days.
  • U.K. Express on Average delivery time is in between 6 – 10 days.
  • Postal Delivery on Average delivery time is in between 15 – 30 days.
  • ePacket on Average delivery time is in between 15 – 25 days.

Eprolo customize packing:

Based on your level membership you can have your own custom roll Tape with your logo to wrap your packaging box. You can also have free packing boxes when you reach certain level of orders. Otherwise all comes with a nominal fee, which is not that expensive.

Let see reviews from member who used Eprolo:

  • Got my first sale to Canada today with EPROLO. They now have express shipping to AU, CA, UK and US. I have my doubts when it comes to shipping times. Hopefully you are right and they are legit.
  • I love the idea of having items from a range of suppliers consolidated into one package for customers, with the bonus of having my store branding on it
  •  I personally use them. Honestly, I have been waiting for the ball to drop but so far they have not let me down. Surprising, Evelyn, my account manager, always responds in 1 business day whenever I have questions. And yes, the express shipping is legit. I have been using them for a couple of months now.
  • I know you can import aliexpress items into eprolo, however their guide on how to do it seems a little outdated because when i’m on my account i don’t have some of the same functions as shown in the tutorial.
  • I can import something through an aliexpress link, but there’s no tab saying “pending import” or whatever it is. in the site’s tutorial it says that there’s a review time for the link and if successful then it would be imported.

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