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Founded in the year 2007, Infolinks is the third largest advertising platform which offers ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers worldwide.

Infolinks was founded by Yariv Davidovich and Israeli entrepreneur and investor Oren Dobronsky and has now been acquired by Thrive Plus LLC (Thrive+) which is a company focusing on digital video advertising sector.

Advertisers use Infolinks ads to promote their business whereas publishers like bloggers place those ads within their sites to make money.

Advertisers can get massive benefits since Infolinks serves contextual ads that are strategically placed on relevant websites to increase their conversion rates and publishers can make money by placing Infolinks ads in various ad formats such as in-text, in-frame, in-screen etc.


How Does Infolinks Work?

Infolinks provides you with 4 monetization options; you have four types of display ads to choose from. You can activate just one of these four options and you may also activate all the monetization options.

The four types of ads are: Intext Ads, Intag Ads, Inframe Ads, Infold Ads; these entire four add options are shown in differently from the conventional banner ads that most bloggers use.

  • InFold – Targets only your search traffic with ads relevant to their searched terms in non-disruptive footer ads. InFold adds navigational value and another SEO layer to your site while delivering ads pertaining to exactly what your search traffic is looking for.
  • InText – Double underline your best keywords to monetize your written content. A simple hover of a mouse opens an ad bubble containing an ad matched to the context of your keywords. Fully customize the look and volume of InText ads on your website pages.
  • InTag – Presents a range of keywords relevant to the context of your site. Choose between one or two rows of links that open a relevant ad bubble upon a mouse hover. InTag manages to capture a spectrum of users’ interests and invite engagement with its range of keywords.
  • InArticle: Highly viewable ad which opens once a user engages with the page content. Serves various ad formats including native in order to boost unit engagement and revenue
  • InFrame – Attractive skyscraper display banners placed in the extra real estate in the margins of wide screen monitors only. These ads are matched to your website’s category and are intelligently revealed only on traffic originating from wide screen monitors and customized to fit perfectly, without disturbing your site’s layout at all.

Infolinks will display its Ads Based on keywords and phrases on your website, the ads displayed will surely be related to the keyword.

If you look at the image above, you will discover that the ad showing there comes as a result of a Hyperlink text on that web page. Infolinks provides advertisements that are shown through hyperlinking of keywords on your blogs. When a visitor hovers his mouse over these links a window showing the ad will pop up and that makes an add view.

The more add views you get on your blog, the more money you make with infolinks, it is that simple.

infolinks review

Today, the internet advertising industry has become a very competitive field and hence signing up as a publisher with any advertising company has become a breeze. Same is the case with Infolinks. 

After filling up the sign-up form, which takes a few seconds, your account with Infolinks will be created. The next step involves adding a unique javascript provided by Infolinks to your site. This is how Infolinks will verify your website and you will be able to get approval. Getting approval from Infolinks is quite easy as it doesn’t have very strict publishers requirements like Adsense which is known for rejecting platforms and banning accounts. This how you can start making money online with Infolinks easily.

what is infolinks

Infolinks for publishers

Infolinks is an in-text ad network that works on the CPM model. The ad network scans your text to look for relevant words and then places a link with a pop-up bubble. Whenever a visitor hovers the mouse over the link, the bubble with the advertisement appears. You as a publisher get paid for each click on the ad as per the CPM rates depending on the type of traffic on your content platform. The ad bubbles are relevant to the text words on your website. Infolinks offers a different way of advertising when compared to the banner and pop up ads which are ruling the internet. If this concept seems interesting and you as a publisher want to know more about using Infolinks to earn money online, here is everything that you need to know about Infolinks.

AdSense compatibility: As mentioned, Infolinks works fine for publishers using AdSense. It doesn’t interfere with the ad units set by AdSense, working as a perfect combination to generate maximum revenue.

Contextual ads: Contextual targeting uses the website niche to find advertisers. This targeting method doesn’t require the user’s cookie data to show them relevant ads. This ensures the security of users’ data coming in via publisher’s website saving publishers from the trouble of working on solutions that protect user privacy.

Quick approval: Infolinks has a quick approval span. It takes not more than 48 hours to assess whether the publisher’s website meets the minimum requirements. Given the fact that it has no requirements for traffic, it creates a perfect opportunity for small publishers to get started with their services without having to wait for long.

infolinks reviews

Low income for non-tier 1 traffic: Most advertisers want to show their ads to users living in tier 1 countries with a good economy. Infolinks marketplace is no different, making it hard for publishers to make good numbers with traffic from developing countries.

Some ad formats can be intrusive: Better Ads Standards suggest sticky ads are intrusive when used on mobile devices. Publishers using InFold format—a sticky format—can cause damage to publisher reputation in the marketplace. For that matter, publishers need to be careful about the ad units they are placing on their desktop and mobile sites.

how much does infolinks pay per click

Infolinks Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

How much does it cost to join Infolinks? Its free!

Infolinks offers several easy ways for receiving payments. Publishers can use PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, ACH (for payment in US bank accounts), or Payoneer for transferring the amount you earn through Infolinks. The processing time is less than 48 hours and the minimum payout threshold is $50.

Infolinks Refer & Earn Program

In addition to earning money through ads displayed on your website, you can also earn money by referring Infolinks to friends and other publishers. Infolinks is compatible with Google AdSense and is a great addition for generating an extra source of revenue. Google AdSense will not ban you for using Infolinks in addition.

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Final Thoughts

Although there are many ways to make money blogging, InfoLinks still can be considered as one of the easiest ways. Making money from InfoLinks is really easy and does not require any special skill, even a new blogger can make money by increasing website traffic.

The good thing like I mentioned above is that getting approval of InfoLinks is a cakewalk and you won’t find any strict rules in InfoLinks as you find in Google AdSense. There are mostly no strict banning when it comes to InfoLinks ads.

If you’re tired of AdSense and want to try a new source of income to boost your website earnings, try InfoLinks ads. You’ll have a lot of fun while using it, if you think you’re annoying your visitors, you can try other passive income sources like affiliate marketing, banner selling, direct advertising etc.

InfoLinks network is also for those bloggers whose AdSense accounts never get accepted. On a side note, please read this post if you really want to get your AdSense accepted.

I hope this InfoLinks review will enable you to understand how infolinks work so, it’s time you take the bull by the horn and get your own account. If there’s still anything you don’t understand about this ad network, ask me via the comment section or, you can also reach me through the contact form on this website.

So what are your thoughts about using InfoLinks on websites? Do you think using InfoLinks is still a good way to start making money blogging? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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