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Viral Launch Chrome Extension Reviews

Viral Launch is one of the most popular Amazon seller tools in 2019, but is this reputation earned?

We have a lot of experience using the tool for a variety of purposes, including keyword research for clients and more.

Viral Launch is a complete and comprehensive package of tools, aiming to compete with the likes of Helium10, Shopkeeper, Sellics, CashCowPro etc, as opposed to more standalone, specialised solutions such as KeyworX.

Anybody who read our recent Helium10 review will know that Viral Launch has a lot on it’s plate if it wants to match the quality and variety of what Helium10 offers.

So how does it stack up?

Let’s take you through Viral Launch in detail and find out!

What is Viral Launch?

viral launch chrome extension

Viral Launch is the type of tool you turn to when you need real Amazon FBA insights. Thanks to its deep data integration with Amazon, you essentially get to use Viral Launch for assessing various aspects of the market to spot opportunities, keep an eye on your competitors’ strategies, track the progress of your business, plus optimize your product listings accordingly.  

Viral Launch Features Reviews: Product Discovery & Market Intelligence

Viral Launch Product Discovery

Here’s how the Product Discovery section looks like:

Viral Launch – Product Discovery PDF

It’s a very user-friendly interface with lots of options to choose from.

You can search products by categories, monthly sales, review count or even sales patterns, shipping tier size and even initial investment cost, although I am not sure how accurate is the last one.

Then based on your filters Viral Launch is going to update the products it’s showing to fit your criteria.

It even gives out a warning if they consider the product is very popular and there might be a lot of sellers entering that niche.

Based on my findings it does look like it’s pretty accurate when it comes to determining the amount of sales on a given product.

Now I can’t say if that’s the case for the profit margin as that highly depends on your ability to source the product and the deal you get from your manufacturer.

Overall, I would rate this part with a solid 9/10 as I think some of the data it shows as profit, tier size or profit margin is not accurate enough and a fairly new FBA seller would take it for granted without doing a proper double check.

Now let’s move on to the more interesting part, which is the Market Intelligence tool.

viral launch market intelligence

Market Intelligence – how accurate is it?

I am using this for almost a month now and I am very impressed by it.

On a first glance it’s nothing great but if we go and look at the ‘Detailed statistics’ view then the real game begins:

We get a very in depth analysis on how our whole product listing is doing.

In this case I searched for ‘Cycling gloves’ as that would be the keyword someone would search for the product I’ve chosen.

Finding out what’s the difference between ranking spots 1-5 and having a page 1 listing can be really helpful as we won’t be ranking on the 1st spot on competitive products anyway.

Then the next thing we see it’s the review count, right away we notice that the Top 10 listings have more average reviews than the top 5.

That might mean the first ranking products are newer into the market and managed to beat the older ones that were ranking, smell the opportunity right now?

The last row is the giveaway one which I find it fairly accurate when it comes to products needed to sell in order to rank.

Moving to the Market trends tab we can see if there’s anyone dropping the price to eliminate competition and rank better and very important, the sales pattern to see if this is a season product or not; we don’t want to sell winter gloves during the summer, do we?

viral launch product discovery

Keyword Research

As you’re probably aware by now, the Amazon search framework uses pretty much the same approach as Google search. Shoppers look for products by entering keywords, and then Amazon employs a specific search algorithm to rank the subsequent results.  

This is where the Viral Launch Keyword Research tool comes in. It seeks to help you identify the specific phrases you could use to capture your specific target audience with favorable search ranks  

But how exactly does it manage to do that?  

Well, the tool relies on an extensive database that’s filled with volumes of Amazon’s search data. Viral Launch essentially scans it with an AI system, which then conducts a detailed analysis of the search patterns to establish the potential impacts of various keywords.  

And since online search trends are typically changing by the minute, Viral Launch taps into Amazon’s system several times every week to update its keyword data. We checked this and confirmed that indeed Viral Launch was keeping up with the accurate search trends.  

Now, the keyword insights you get in return are quite helpful. I, for instance, began by sampling a list of recommended keywords for my product listings. I just click on a button and the tool automatically generated thousands of keyword suggestions along with their search statistics.  

Then from the figures, I was able to track the relevant historical search trends, from which it’s possible to identify keywords that are losing or gaining relevance.  

What’s more, Viral Launch displays even the keywords your competitors are ranking for, combined with their broad variations.  

And speaking of which, you might want to pay keen attention to the Opportunity Score column of your keywords. This is where you get to gauge the competition levels across various market niches, based on the specific values awarded by the tool.  

To give you accurate indications, Viral Launch’s AI system considers parameters like search volume, plus the corresponding number of listings for each recommended keyword. Then, in the end, you get to judge the relative opportunities based on their respective system scores, which should fall anywhere between 0 and 1,000. 

It doesn’t end there though. Apart from organic terms, it turns out the keyword research tool is capable of diving deep into PPC keywords. You can take advantage of this to assess the keywords your competitors have been using on their ads, as well as their accompanying sponsored ad bid cost.  

Viral Launch further allows you to filter the keyword lists based on your selected parameters. Otherwise, you could also choose to download the terms via a CSV file, or simply copy them to your clipboard.  

Another outstanding thing about this specific keyword research tool is its integration with other tools. Viral Launch has seamlessly linked it with the rest of the solutions in the suite for additional insights. The rank tracker, for instance, combines with the keyword research tool for intelligence about your competitors’ rankings for specific keywords. 

viral launch coupon code

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Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization

Maximize conversions with professional product photography and copywriting services, backed by Amazon data and insights. 

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Generate better PPC results with ad rank tracking, suggested bids, product-targeting suggestions, or managed services. 

Amazon Keyword Tracking

Better keyword strategy.

Viral Launch Chrome Extension

If you are an Amazon seller, then you must use Viral Launch chrome extension which offers you a faster and effective way to product research and validation. If your requirements are doe in-depth market research data, this will help you out. Using the chrome extension tool, you can easily view the previous and current market trends, monthly sales, revenue and number of sales and much more.

You don’t need to have the tech savvy to use the tool. It is quite easy to install. All you need to do is open your chrome browser, search for Viral Launch chrome extension and install it. Now open Amazon and sign up to activate your Market Intelligence subscription. It’s time to say goodbye to the days where people were making a decision based on inaccurate data.

It not only shows you the organized data, butit also helps you to know your product idea score. What are you waiting for now! Want to boost your sales on Amazon? Install Viral Launch now.

Pros and cons of Viral Launch 

Pros of Viral Launch

  • Offers a lot of unique and effective features such as product discovery, market intelligence, keyword research, listing analysis and much more.
  • It also has a lot of helpful services like Amazon seller coaching, product photography and listing optimization.
  • Its chrome extension is very easy to use and offer accurate information about the market.
  • It regularly monitors Amazon and providesyou updatedabout changes.
  • Those who want an accuratemarket intelligence report can trust on Viral Launch.
  • Help Amazon sellers to successfully launch the products.

Cons of Viral Launch

  • The beginner package includes only three features.

If you see, its intermediate or advanced package will be quite helpful for all as it offers two major features like Product Discovery and market intelligence.

Viral Launch Pricing and Discount With Promo, Coupon Code

viral launch price

Beginners Plan

$59 per month billed monthly, or $50 per month billed annually. 

  • 24/7 Customer support 
  • 3 tracked competitors 
  • Product idea score 
  • Product discovery 
  • Market intelligence 

Pro Plan

$99 per month billed monthly, or $83 per month billed annually. 

  • 24/7 Customer support 
  • 30 hourly keyword rank and ad tracking 
  • 2,000 daily keyword rank and ad tracking
  • 50 Listing analysis 
  • Listing builder 
  • Keyword research 
  • 3 tracked competitors 
  • Product idea  score
  • Product discovery 
  • Market intelligence 

Brand Builder Plan

$149 per month billed monthly, or $125 per month billed annually. 

  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 100 hourly keyword rank and ad tracking 
  • 5,000 Daily keyword rank and ad tracking 
  • 100 Listing analysis 
  • Listing builder 
  • Keyword research
  • 100 tracked competitors 
  • Product idea score 
  • Product discovery 
  • Market intelligence 

Kinetic Plan

$199 per month billed monthly, or $166 per month billed annually. 

  • Automate your PPC strategy 
  • PPC data and insights 
  • 24/7 Customer support 
  • 100 hourly keyword rank and ad tracking
  • 5,000 daily keyword rank and ad tracking 
  • 100 Listing analysis 
  • Listing builder 
  • Keyword research 
  • 250 tracked competitors
  • Product idea score 
  • Product discovery 
  • Market intelligence 

There is room for improvement here when it comes to optimization and development after launch, but when it comes to product research and launching a product as effectively as possible, Viral Launch is one of the best options out there.

Many of the manual services are overcharged and you’d generally be better off going for one of the smaller subscriptions and finding expert help elsewhere, as you will be able to get similar quality work for less without a doubt.


Viral Launch’s recommendation does come with some caveats, then, but for the right people – namely those who are looking to launch new products into the Amazon marketplace or research product ideas, it remains a strong one.

You may even find it a good investment to go with Viral Launch for a couple of months to research and launch your product(s) and then trade down to cheaper tools that are just as good if not better for continuing optimization and growth but don’t have the same product launch and research features.

KeyworX and Listing Eagle alone, for example, would allow you to get huge marketing insights and keep improving your rank beyond anything you could do with Viral Launch while also protecting your brand from listing hijacks, all for a fraction of Viral Launch’s cost – but wouldn’t have the same benefits for researching and launching a product in the first place.

Viral Launch is certainly worth looking into and even trying, then, but not necessarily something you’ll want to keep around.

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